Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wide Leg Jeans

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Okay. I understand it's the newest trend, and everyone wears them now, and they've supposedly bumped skinny jeans off of the jeans totem pole, etc etc. BUT, trendiness aside, does anyone else find them super unflattering? Skinny jeans were often blasted because they accentuated legs that weren't skinny, but wide leg jeans do the same thing-they hug the upper thighs very tightly, placing a huge (no pun intended?) emphasis on them, and then somehow manage to make the lower leg look like they're even larger around than the upper thigh.

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Secondly, and maybe this is just my childhood, but I wore bell-bottom jeans exclusively during my awkward pre-teen years. This new trend serves as a reminder of all the fashion disasters (Remember dusters? Those long sweaters that tied in the middle? Imagine an almost floor-length duster paired with bell-bottoms. I looked like a 12 year old hobo.) I created with my bell-bottoms.

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Thirdly, and perhaps most un-flatteringly, the jeans fit horribly around the middle. As in they create a FUPA. And a FUPA doesn't look good on anyone.

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